In order to operate at or in affiliation with UNCG, all Youth Programs are required to register with the University unless an exception applies. Some programs may also be required to provide assurance of compliance with the Youth Programs policy.

Under the Youth Programs policy, the following definitions apply:

  • A “Youth Program” is any event, operation, or endeavor that is (1) operated, conducted, or organized by any unit or organization supported by or affiliated with the University or occurring in University facilities; (2) that includes minors; and (3) during which parents or legal guardians are not expected to be responsible for the care, custody, or control of the minors. A Youth Program may be University-Sponsored or sponsored by an External Entity but held on University facilities.
  • A “University-Sponsored” Youth Program is any Youth Program that: (1) the university solely owns and operates; (2) the university jointly operates with another organization; or (3) the university contracts with another organization to provide.  University-Sponsored Youth Programs may or may not take place in University facilities.
  • External Entity Activities or Programs” are Youth Programs that are offered by an individual or entity that is not affiliated with UNC Greensboro but take place in whole or in part in UNCG facilities.  The external entity assumes full responsibility for the supervision of youth participants.

NOTE: The forms below are only accessible to UNCG faculty, staff, students, and volunteers. A UNCG faculty or staff member must complete the forms on behalf of an External Entity Youth Program using space at UNCG.

Step 1: Determine how to register your program

UNCG faculty, staff, students, and volunteers can complete a Scope Assessment to determine whether your program is required to register with the University, and if so, how to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Complete the program registration process

The Scope Assessment will provide guidance regarding which of the following registration processes applies to your program.


Complete the Safety Registration Form

Safety registration is requested for programs that are not required to complete a compliance registration. Safety registration enables the UNCG Police Department and Office of Emergency Management to assist your program in the event of an emergency.


Step One: Complete a Compliance Registration Form

This form notifies the University that a program wishes to operate at or in affiliation with UNCG and provides information about the program. As outlined in the Youth Programs policy, this form should be submitted before a program begins advertising or accepting youth participant registrations.

Step Two: Update the Compliance Registration Form

Prior to the program, update this form to provide the university with assurances that the program meets the requirements of the Youth Programs policy. Contact youthpro@uncg.edu when you are ready to update your form. Please allow sufficient time for review. It may take up to 14 business days to review and respond to your request for approval. It is recommended that the compliance assurance form be submitted 20-30 days before the program start date.