UNC Greensboro is committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for minors engaged in programs and activities occurring at or in affiliation with UNCG.

All activities and programs involving youth participants under the age of 18, including those that are owned or operated by external entities, are subject to UNC Greensboro’s Youth Programs Policy.

Requirements include:

  • Departmental Approval. A UNC Greensboro dean, vice chancellor, or the Director of Athletics is responsible for providing departmental approval for Youth Programs operating within or under the purview of their unit or division, including those operated by External Entities. Departments hosting External Entity Youth Programs should also review the Facilities Hosting External Entity Youth Programs section of the Guide for more information.
  • Facility Use Agreement and Youth Programs Addendum. External-entity programs must establish a contractual relationship with the University for the use of University facilities via a Facility Use Agreement and must also sign a Youth Programs Addendum. The completed Facility Use Agreement should be submitted with the program registration form.
  • Registration with University Compliance. Programs operated by External Entities are subject to the registration and approval process. A UNCG faculty or staff member is required to complete the registration process on behalf of the External Entity.
  • Proper Screening, Training, and Conduct Standards for Program Staff. Program staff must: (i) successfully clear background checks; (ii) complete annual training; and (iii) agree and adhere to UNCG’s Conduct Standards for youth programs. External entities are responsible for certifying these requirements by submitting a signed Background Check, Conduct Standards, and Training form during the approval process.
  • Insurance. External-entity entities must provide an insurance certificate that details the coverage for the program and lists UNC Greensboro as an additional insured party. Contact the Office of Risk Management for more information.
  • Reporting Allegations of inappropriate behavior, including child abuse or neglect as outlined on the Youth Programs: Reporting page.
  • Other Requirements. Other requirements for external entity programs are outlined in the Youth Programs Operated by External Entities (Appendix C) of the Guide.

For assistance identifying a sponsoring department or for help with questions and concerns, contact University Compliance at youthpro@uncg.edu.

We look forward to hosting your program and are eager to work with you to keep the minors in our care safe.